About Ladies Circle(LC) India

LC India has 40+ years of commendable success in helping underprivileged children and destitute women. Our goal is to provide quality education to the poor, empower women, improve sanitation facilities, overall health and improve better nutrition.

LC India operates at zero administration cost. 100% of the Funds raised and project sponsored are used for the cause. Our reach is our biggest strength. We are more than 1300 dedicated members growing qualitatively year on year. We have 105 circles all over India who are run by ladies dedicated to the movement. They are continuously working towards the cause of the movement by raising funds, and undertaking worthy projects in their areas.

Calcutta Central ladies Circle No.27 is part of the Ladies Circle India and has been helping the needy and the underprivileged for the last 32 years.

  • Cclc27 has adopted 2 schools - Ek Prayas and Satyanand Devayatan.
  • Providing Better Sanitation to Girls by building Toilet blocks
  • Provided infrastructure in Schools in form of Tables, Chairs, Computers. Drinking Water
  • Donation of Limb, Wheel Chair, Braille Slates ,Clothes.
  • Undertaken Nutrition projects by providing Mid Day Meals ,Nutrition Buckets

We have been doing fund raisers every year to support the long term project of Ladies Circle India - Educate to Enlighten, where in we build and support schools for the underprivileged children. Every year one school is built by our Circle in the rural areas around Kolkata. Health and Education are two such powerful tools, which can do wonders in the lives of people! By God's grace we are blessed with both, but millions of children in India cannot afford the medical treatment.

Childhood is a time of wishes, desires, dreams of endless possibilities. But for children faced with cancer it is a battle for and with life. In India, it is estimated that nearly 40-50,000 new childhood cancer cases are present each year and 70% children with cancer still die of disease in India due to lack of awareness, late detection and diagnosis,inadequate pediatric cancer treatment facilities, the exorbitant cost of treatment and lack of supportive care. We have taken a step to empower these kids with better treatment for this dreaded disease. This December let our children be the tool to empower the treatment of some of those under privileged children and bring some smiles on their faces.