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Rules & Regulations

  • This event will held on 8th Dec, 2019 at Ecopark (gate no 1 entry gate).
  • This event is for fun and not a race.
  • There are no prizes for participants coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
  • Run will not be timed.
  • All participants who finish the run, will receive a medal, certificate and goody bag.
  • All non-participants, including parents will need to buy entry pass worth Rs 100.
  • All participants can take part in the sports carnival post the run.
  • Adequate arrangements will be made for first-aid, water.
  • All participants must wear running shoes. No barefoot running will allowed.
  • All participants should be dressed in track pants/ shorts and T shirts/ Jackets depending on the weather.
  • Guardians please ensure that your kid is not sick or suffering from any disease which will hinder his run. Pls take the advise of your doctor if you are confused about his health.
  • The run is on a paved path and not on grass or road.
  • Each run will be preceded by a Zumba session.
  • Parents/ Guardians will not be allowed to run with the kids, except for the last run- Mom N Me Run.
  • Parents and Guardians will be allowed to watch the entire run from the side lines. But Kindly do not enter the tracks or disrupt the run- as this spoils the fun for all the kids running.
  • Other than the participants, nobody will be allowed on the running track strictly.
  • Please report 20-30mins prior to your run time.
  • Approach HELP DESK at the venue for any queries.
  • All participants need to wear the BIB on the front of their T-Shirts. No participant will be allowed without a bib on the track.
  • Pin the BIB on the front of the T-shirt on all 4 sides and to should be visible at all times.
  • No refunds will be issued incase of no show of participants. All sales are final.
  • The organisers will not take any responsibility for any medical ailments or injuries and parents will solely be responsible for the child’s safety and security.
  • Adequate medical back up will be available at the venue

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